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From years of experience and hard work, we have discovered effective humic solutions for our agriculture customers. To help you prosper, we offer a full line of organic and conventional macronutrients and micronutrients, nematicides and fungicides, optimal growth managers, carbon-rich organic acids, and sustainable soil fertility products. These innovative products deliver increased nutrient availability and uptake, improved soil and plant health, zero-residue crop protection and more.

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Turf & Ornamentals

Experience the world of Huma® Turf & Ornamentals and discover science-backed solutions catering to your diverse turf, soil health and landscaping needs including gardening, sports fields, golf courses and nurseries. Our natural liquid and dry fertilizers, specialty products and soil conditioners work toward simplifying turf and ornamental management practices by enhancing soil, turf, and plant health.

Roswell Clarifiers


Huma® Environmental is an advanced product line for wastewater bioremediation. Powered by our ultra-efficient Micro Carbon Technology®, these natural products maximize microbial stimulation in wastewater to reduce sludge and odor while controlling BOD, COD and FOG levels. This is our approach to enrich the environment for ourselves and future generations.

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Tech Additives

Using our high-quality raw humates, we have formulated a line of customizable humic-based additive products for just about every application. These easy to combine additives can help you enhance your product performance with extreme efficiency and improved results.

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Research & Development

Meet our international  team of scientists who have written the book on applying humic solutions to soil, crops and water. 

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Learn more about our full line of natural and organic crop nutrients, growth managers, fertility enhancers, crop protection and wastewater products. 

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For 50 years, we have been a world leader in developing humic solutions with a human touch.

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