Welcome to Huma

Inspired by one of earth’s most precious resources, humus, we harness the power of ancient sunlight to vitalize life in the soil, crops and water. Formerly known as Bio Huma Netics®, we have united our company name and all our brands under Huma®: a name that reflects both the power and nurture of Mother Nature.

Through company-owned humate mining rights, we source raw materials to create our extensive range of liquid, dry, and water soluble humic-based products that stimulate beneficial microbial activity to empower you with premium crops, healthy soil, and clean water. We also process those raw materials to create our proprietary Micro Carbon Technology®—a unique blend of extremely small carbon-and oxygen-rich organic molecules. This breakthrough technology is the core ingredient that powers all our liquid nutrients and sets us apart.

We invite you to experience our humic solutions with a human touch.

At Huma®, we diligently carry forward our vision and mission of creating a more sustainable world through humic substances and our proprietary Micro Carbon Technology®. Our company conducts humic mining operations in Idaho and New Mexico, allowing access to top quality raw humic gifted to us by Mother Nature. For the past five decades, and for many more years to come, we have pledged to continually explore humic substances and share our science-backed research and innovations with the world through our products and technologies.

Huma® products are carefully crafted to align with safe environmental guidelines and regenerative agricultural practices while cutting down on cost and dependency on toxic synthetic substances. Our products help you achieve immediate results that grow over time for short-term and long-term return on investment (ROI).

Huma Plant & Soil

From years of experience and hard work, we have discovered effective humic solutions for our agriculture, turf, and horticulture customers. To help you prosper, we offer a full line of organic and conventional macronutrients and micronutrients, nematicides and fungicides, optimal growth managers, carbon-rich organic acids, and sustainable soil fertility products. These innovative products deliver increased nutrient availability and uptake, improved soil and plant health, zero-residue crop protection and more.

Huma Environmental

Huma® Environmental is an advanced product line for wastewater bioremediation. Powered by our ultra-efficient Micro Carbon Technology®, these natural products maximize microbial stimulation in wastewater to reduce sludge and odor while controlling BOD, COD and FOG levels. This is our approach to enrich the environment for ourselves and future generations.

Huma Tech Additives

Using our high-quality raw humates, we have formulated a line of customizable humic-based additive products for just about every application. These easy to combine additives can help you enhance your product performance with extreme efficiency and improved results.

We devote considerable resources to the scientific study of humates because the key to our success is the science behind our products. The Huma® Research & Development Center, our cutting-edge science lab, is a testimony to that. We, along with our rapidly growing team of globally renowned scientists, are committed to continuously innovate and improve the use of humic substances to serve you with nothing but the best.

The Journey of Huma®


Sunburst Mining Company

In 1973, Dr. Jordan Smith and Mr. Don Organ made the first agricultural application of our unique humate material from a mine in Idaho and founded the Sunburst Mining Company.


Sunburst Bio Huma Netics

After getting a tremendous response to their unique discovery, our founders started manufacturing and selling liquid products in the early 1980s. The company was then renamed as Sunburst Bio Huma Netics.


Bio Huma Netics, Inc.

For the next three decades, we operated as Bio Huma Netics®, Inc., under the leadership of Lyndon W. Smith. The company expanded into five sub-brands and continued empowering others with humic substances.


Huma®, Inc.

As we enter our 50th year, we are now Huma®–a unified evolution of who we have always been, while retaining our core values with the sole purpose of serving you with humic solutions with a human touch.

Uniting As Huma®

Huma® Inc., previously known as Bio Huma Netics®, Inc., consolidates Fertilgold® Organics, Huma Gro®, Huma Gro® Turf, Mesa Verde Humates® and Probiotics Solutions®. We thank you for making each of these brands a customer favorite.

As our company undergoes significant growth and expansion, we believe uniting all our brands to become a solidified entity will help us serve you better, as well as reflect our mission, current operations, and future direction. It strengthens our brand without compromising our values and product formulations. You will continue to have access to your favorite products under our new name—Huma®.

For assistance, please contact your sales representative or call us at 1-800-961-1220.

Bio Huma Netics®, Inc.

Provides top quality humic substances and technologies, and great customer service to our clients worldwide.

Fertilgold® Organics

A full line of OMRI-listed humic-based products, designed to deliver organic nutrition for optimal soil health and plant growth.

Huma Gro®

A comprehensive range of ultra-efficient plant nutrition, soil health and crop protection products for conventional agriculture.

Huma Gro® Turf

Liquid-based turf and specialty products to cover variety of needs including consistent blades and vibrancy.

Mesa Verde Humates®

Supplier of premium quality humates mined from New Mexico geologic deposits in the San Juan Basin.

Probiotic Solutions®

Highly concentrated liquid wastewater bioremediation products aimed at reducing sludge, odor, and controlling BOD, COD and FOG levels.


“Huma” represents our company and its core values. Unifying all our product lines under the same brand name helps us serve you better while reflecting our mission, current operations, and future growth and expansion. It also gives us a uniform look, feel, and presence in the market.

The rebranding will strengthen the company offerings to fit our customer’s needs and enhance overall customer experience and communications.

No, this change will not affect the pricing.

No. All our current products, along with our Micro Carbon Technology®, will remain the same. Same great products, same great quality.

The public transition began in June 2023 with the website’s launch (www.huma.us). The transition will continue and may take longer for some international markets to comply with their registration process and guidelines.

Updated materials are in development and will be available upon completion. Please continue to visit our website for updated information or contact your sales representative.

Yes, we will participate in multiple trade shows throughout the year and organize the Huma® World Conference in November 2023.

The website is in development and will be fully functional in Q4.

No, the company’s headquarters will remain in Gilbert, Arizona.

Contact Us

For more information on our products or to speak with a Huma® representative, call us at 1-800-961-1220. You can also fill the form below to contact us. We’ll be happy to assist you!

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