Huma Sustainability Promise 

When we rebranded ourselves as Huma®, we made sure to incorporate three colored circles into our logo that stand for Humanity (red), Environment (green), and Science/Technology (blue) as a constant reminder to ourselves and our customers of what we stand for. 

  • The Red Circle stands for HUMANITY. We are committed to empowering people, to helping each of them live their best life.
  • The Green Circle stands for the ENVIRONMENT. We are committed to providing products that help grow nutritious food and provide clean water in ways that improve the environment and are sustainable.
  • The Blue Circle stands for SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY. This is our commitment to continuously invest in the humic science and new humic technologies that will allow us to live up to our pledge: “Enhancing the quality of Life by Empowering Others with Humic-Based Products and Technologies.”

Why was it important that we include “Humic Solutions With a Human Touch” in our tagline? Because we provide humic solutions with education, with our science and technology, with our customer service, with our strong company values, and with our dedication to achieving our vision of a sustainable future. 

Huma Sustainability Goals And Metrics 

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Year One (2023) 

Baseline measurement, sustainability research, identification of key indicators/metrics, and initial sustainability strategies and reporting mechanisms. 

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Year Two (2024) 

Measuring our Complete Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) footprint, implementing strategies to reduce those factors, and establishing goals for becoming carbon neutral and reducing GHG emissions. 

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Year Three (2025) 

Extending sustainability goals and practices to our value chain, reviewing and revising our comprehensive sustainability goals and practices. 

Sustainability at Huma 

We’ve heard it said that sustainability is just a fad that will pass. But to us, sustainability is an opportunity to develop a better business, to create better products and solutions, to be better citizens and stewards of the planet, and to create a better world for our children and their children. 

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