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Our dry humate biostimulant products accelerate microbial activity to greatly improve soil health and fertility, build organic matter, fast-track regenerative agriculture systems and reduce crop input costs, while reducing dependency on synthetic fertilizers and chemicals. We further process Huma humates to create our proprietary Micro Carbon Technology (MCT). MCT super charges our innovative carbon-rich liquid products to naturally increase nutrient availability and uptake, improve soil and plant health, and offer zero-residue crop protection against pests and diseases. MCT delivers fast-acting results and greater uptake in the foliage and soil at much lower rates. 

Product Categories

Sustainable Soil Fertility

Renew, rebuild & maintain your soil

Carbon-Rich Organic Acids

Maximize fertilizer potential and increase soil organic matter 

Optimal Growth Managers

Improve Flowering, Fruit Set, Sizing, and Maturity

Ultra-Efficient Macro Nutrients

Maximize Nutrient Availability & Efficiency

Secondary Macro and Micronutrients

Promotes Strong, Steady Growth and Higher Yields

Zero-Residue Crop Protection

Powerful Organic Pesticides, Fungicides, and Nematicides

Precision Organic Nutrition

Carefully Crafted Line of Organic Products

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