Gro-Power® Now Available at Huma®!

Known as the “Soil Environment Company”, the former Gro-Power®, Inc. started manufacturing humic-based fertilizer and soil conditioner products in 1966. The California-based company developed soil fertility solutions by using high-quality humates supplied by Huma®. In January 2024, Huma® acquired Gro-Power® to carry on its legacy and product line that has a loyal customer base across the world.

The Gro-Power® manufacturing equipment and assets have been moved to Huma®’s manufacturing facilities in Arizona. As Gro-Power® products go back into production, we expect them to be available for order soon.

Huma Turf and Ornamental Products

Experience the world of Huma® Turf & Ornamental and discover science-backed solutions catering to your diverse turf, soil health and landscaping needs including gardening, sports fields, golf courses and nurseries. Our natural liquid and dry fertilizers, specialty products and soil conditioners work toward simplifying turf and ornamental management practices by enhancing soil, turf, and plant health. After acquiring and assimilating the Gro-Power technical assets and products, our turf and ornamental product line has become even more robust, empowering us to serve you better and in more extensive capacities than ever before.

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Each product, including the Huma Gro-Power product line, is manufactured in Huma®’s production facilities in Arizona, offering unmatched quality for ultra-efficient nutrition and care. Our humic-based products serve as natural biostimulants, resulting in improved soil health and texture, increased moisture-holding capacity, and balanced soil chemistry. The humic acids present in the products boost nutrient availability and absorption, allowing greater nutrient uptake in the rootzone, better resistance to environmental stress and optimal plant health.

Our odor-free, dry humus-based product line acquired from Gro-Power, is free of any waste products, such as animal waste, poultry litter, sewage sludge or toxic mine tailings. Additionally, the liquid products, powered by the Micro Carbon Technology® (MCT), are equally effective and environmentally safe, delivering higher results with minimal product usage. These products are easy to use and ensure consistent quality every time.

With a wide range of well-researched, fast-acting products, we ensure that you are in safe hands. Our goal is to help you achieve long-term soil fertility, increased nutrient availability and uptake, and zero-residue protection along with expert advice whenever you need it!

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Comm. Landscaping

Complete line of products for landscape professionals

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Golf Courses

Dry and liquid turf products to cover a wide array of turf and soil needs

Home Garden/Retail

Premium products designed for home garden success

Erosion Control

Specialty products designed for erosion control and revegetation.

Sports Turf

Premium products have been developed for stadiums, sportsfields and other turf areas

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