Huma…harnessing the power of ancient sunlight.  

We are a 50-year-old company, and our products are millions of years in the making. Inspired by one of earth’s most precious resources, humus, we harness the power of ancient sunlight to vitalize life in the soil, crops and water. Formerly known as Bio Huma Netics®, we have united our company name and all our brands under Huma®: a name that reflects both the power and nurture of Mother Nature. 

Through company-owned humate mineral rights, we source raw materials to create our extensive range of liquid, dry, and water soluble humic-based products that stimulate beneficial microbial activity to empower you with premium crops, healthy soil, and clean water. We also process those raw materials to create our proprietary Micro Carbon Technology®—a unique blend of extremely small carbon- and oxygen-rich organic molecules. This breakthrough technology is the core ingredient that powers all our liquid products and sets us apart. 

We have dedicated ourselves to investigate, innovate, implement, and improve the use of humic substances to align with soil health initiatives and regenerative agricultural practices. 

Our Legacy

At Huma®, we diligently carry forward our vision and mission of inspiring growth with humic solutions. Our company conducts humic harvesting operations in Idaho and New Mexico, allowing access to top quality raw humic gifted to us by Mother Nature. For the past five decades, and for many more years to come, we have pledged to continually explore humic substances and share our science-backed research and innovations with the world through our products and technologies. 

Huma Brand Pillars

The brand Huma stands on three strong pillars of Humanity, Environment and Technology. We believe these three pillars combine to create an equilibrium that guides us in creating cutting-edge humic solutions to serve people across the world.  

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We believe that nature and humanity go hand-in-hand. We strive to serve the world with exceptional humic solutions that can revive plants, soil and water – three essential elements of life. 

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Our products are created with naturally occurring raw materials. To express our gratitude, and in our effort to give back to Mother Nature, we opt for environmentally friendly practices in everything we do.  

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We are committed to continuous innovation. Our scientists are exploring humic substances to discover advanced solutions to combat ever-evolving agricultural and environmental challenges.  

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