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    What makes Huma® products unique and so efficient? 

    Products powered by Micro Carbon Technology® can be up to 10x more efficient than conventional fertilizers. 

    The secret to our high efficiency rates is Micro Carbon Technology®. Using MCT as the base, we have developed a full line of effective products for virtually every type of application. By building upon this base, the result is: 

    Enhanced activity and diversity of beneficial microorganisms. 

    • Improved soil physical structure.
    • Enhanced nutrient availability and uptake.
    • Dramatically increased product use efficiency.
    • Our products rapidly deliver essential nutrition to your crop for optimal growth, fruiting, and vigor. The results are higher quality crops, increased yield, and maximum profit. 
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    Carbon-Rich Organic Acids 

    Huma®’s exclusive processes allow us to offer high-performing fertility products based on organic acid compounds rich in carbon. Our organic acids work in buffering roots against the damaging effects of highly acidic or alkaline soils. With Huma® carbon-rich organic acid products, your crops can maximize the potential of your fertilizer, resulting in better germination, more efficient foliar applications, and strong, vigorous growth.

    We offer ten dry, natural humic and fulvic acid products that are mined from the Fruitland Formation of the San Juan Basin in Northwest New Mexico. Processed from naturally occurring, oxidized lignite, these products are milled to specific granular sizes for different agricultural uses and applications. They provide a concentrated source of humic and fulvic acids (70% by weight) and are a supplemental source of trace elements. Humic and fulvic acids add organic matter to soils, which stimulates soil microbial life and soil fertility—resulting in enhanced plant nutrient uptake, improved root mass and growth, and increased crop quality and yield.

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    Optimal Growth Managers 

    Huma® offers high quality, easy-to-use plant growth management nutrient products that may indirectly cause the plant to naturally produce beneficial hormones. By enhancing nutrient uptake through plants’ roots or leaves, Huma Gro® Optimal Growth Managers help improve flowering, budding, fruit set, fruit size, and maturity. This helps you achieve more uniform maturity and consistent size, resulting in improved crop quality and yields.

    Huma® products add to plant size and vigor, even late in the season, which diminishes the effects of environmental stresses. These benefits combine to make you more efficient, more productive, and more profitable at harvest.

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    Ultra-Efficient Macro Nutrients 

    Now you can improve the uptake and efficiency of N-P-K applications, thanks to Huma® macronutrient fertilizer products. Our concentrated and complex formulations maximize nutrient availability for improved plant quality. The added efficiency of Huma® products will let you achieve superior results with less fertilizer—and lower fertilizer expense. Thus, in addition to saving money, you reduce the amounts of N, P, and K residue, which is better for the environment and more sustainable for the future.

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    Secondary Macro and Micronutrients 

    Secondary macronutrients and micronutrients known to play many complex roles in plant development and crop yield. In many ways, they hold the key to how well the other nutrients are used. They promote the strong, steady growth of crops that produce higher yields and increase harvest quality—maximizing a plant’s genetic potential. Their presence can have a great impact on root development, fruit setting and grain filling, seed viability, and plant vigor. However, these nutrients are quickly mined out of any soil that is repeatedly farmed, resulting in the need for applying ever-increasing amounts of fertilizers to get the same crop yield.  

    Huma® offers a complete line of liquid fertilizer formulations powered by Micro Carbon Technology® (MCT) that allow a grower to foliarly apply these secondary macronutrients and micronutrients at the exact growth stage when they are most needed. The MCT improves the absorption of nutrients by crops; this improved efficiency saves money and reduces waste because less fertilizer is needed to get great results.

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    Zero-Residue Crop Protection 

    Huma® Zero-Residue Crop Protection products have had great success in treating disease-infested fields and soils. Our OMRI-Listed pesticides use natural materials (such as essential oils, proteins, minerals, etc.) to control nematodes, fungi, and insects. 

    Use our pesticides at any time during the crop cycle, even on the day of harvest. Our pest control products are designed to work on specific pests and then decompose without posing a risk to humans. They are not harmful to the environment, and they get the job done. 

     Huma® Zero-Residue Crop Protection products are OMRI® (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed for organic growing.

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    Innovative Organic Products  

    No more waiting around for ineffective organic fertilizers to do their job. Huma® Organic products, powered by Micro Carbon Technology®, offer a FULL LINE of EFFECTIVE products that have been designed to deliver true organic nutrition exactly when, where, and how your crops need it.

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    Sustainable Soil Fertility

    Huma® sustainable soil fertility products improve the quality of soil by providing the nutrients necessary to increase the activity and diversity of beneficial bacteria and fungi in crop fields. This increased microbial community delivers many benefits to the soil, such as improving soil physical properties and increasing nutrient availability. More importantly, these organisms break down available organic matter into nutrient-rich humus—the key element in highly productive soils.

    Other product benefits include the capacity to buffer extremes of pH, EC, and salt in the soil to make nutrients available under conditions in which they would not normally be available or would be reduced.

    Benefits of Investing in Your Soils

    By improving soil structure, Huma® increases moisture retention and aeration, bringing more effective distribution of water, oxygen, and nutrients directly to the plants’ root zones. Improved root mass development promotes better seedling emergence and faster starts. Extensive root growth, particularly in the early stages of plant development, helps increase plant tolerance to adverse environmental conditions, even during periods of extreme heat or drought.