Huma Research and Development Team 

From our beginnings in the early 1970’s as a pioneer in developing humic technology with the work of Dr. Jordan Smith, Huma has been on the cutting edge of unlocking the power of humic substances.  What started as a humble effort in the desert of Arizona has grown over the last 50 years to impact the world with Huma’s own Micro Carbon Technology.  
The Huma Research and Development team, consists of world-renowned scientists from many countries, led by Dr. Rich Lamar, who developed the Lamar Method for quantification of humic & fulvic acids in humate ores, which is recognized as the industry standard by the Humic Products Trade Association.  
This team of expert humic scientists combine their expertise to continuously explore humic substances to find powerful solutions for modern-day farming and environmental challenges.  The world is just beginning to understand the power of humic material and technology, and leading the way in this discovery is the world class Huma laboratory and R&D team. 
  • Dr. Rich Lamar

    Senior Director of Research and Development

  • Dr. Hiarhi Monda

    Humic Research Director

  • Dr. Daniel Zandonadi

    Director Plant Physiologist/Agronomist (Visiting Scientist)

  • Dr. Mirella P. Santos

    Senior Plant Cell and Molecular Biologist (Visiting Scientist)

  • Dr. Mojtaba Zaifnejad

    Senior Director of Field Research and Technical Services

  • Jason Gralian

    Plant Bioassay Specialist II

  • Kaz Yoshihashi

    Formulation Chemist

  • Ryan Fountain

    QC & Analytical Chemist

  • Aletia James

    Lab Technician

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