In this first installment of Huma Gro® Stories From the Field, we feature 16 short stories from Florida and Georgia of growers’ use of 12 different Huma Gro® products on a variety of crops. The stories describe everything from increased yields to reduced nematodes, to recovery from frost damage to reduced effects from citrus greening. We love to find Huma Gro® solutions for every grower problem.

Sample Story:

Vitol®, Breakout®, Calcium, Super Phos® Save Jalapeño Peppers in Central Florida

These photos represent 34 acres of jalapeño peppers in Central Florida. Photo 5 shows peppers 10–14 days after transplant. The grower was discouraged and thought about terminating the crop, convinced that it could not be saved due to use of 2-year plastic and planting back-to-back peppers. Huma Gro® Representative Jason Garcia suggested an alternative. Photo 6 shows the same plants 14–21 days after initial application of Jason’s recommended Huma Gro® program. The initial program called for application of 2 qt/acre of Super Phos® and 1 qt/acre of Breakout® through the drip irrigation, with 2 qt/acre of Vitol® and 1 qt/acre of Breakout® foliar-applied. This was followed by 1 pt/ac each, every 7–10 days, of foliar-applied Vitol®, Breakout®, and Calcium. At the end of the season the grower had averaged over 1,800 boxes per acre (an 80% increase over prior years), and he said it was the best jalapeño crop he’d ever had.

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Larry Cooper

Director, Sustainability & Knowledge Management, Huma, Inc. Lifelong learner, master gardener, rescuer of greyhounds, grandpa. Once served detention for placing ecology flag on top of his high school.

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