OMRI-Listed Huma Gro® Promax® is a soil-applied fungicide and nematicide used as a preventive and a curative agent. It is recommended for the control of many fungal diseases in the soil, as well as plant parasitic nematodes in a wide range of crops. Benefits of use include:

  • Inhibits nematode activity
  • Provides excellent control of fungal diseases in soils
  • Activates natural defense mechanisms in plants
  • Safe for crops, humans, and the environment
  • Fungicidal effect against all types of fungal spores
  • Product’s natural chemistry has no documented cross-resistance
  • Cost-effective performance
  • Fast-acting upon contact
  • Restricted Entry Interval (REI: 0 days
  • Pre-Harvest Interval (PHI): 0 days

Promax® controls:


  • Root Knot (Meloidogyne incognita)
  • Spiral (Helicotylenchus)
  • Lesion (Pratylenchus)
  • Lance (Hoplolaimus galeatus)
  • Ring (Criconemella xenoplax)
  • Cyst (Heterodera glycines)
  • Reniform (Rotylenchus robustus)
  • Stunt (Tylenchorrhynchus)
  • And many others . . .


  • Powdery Mildew (Erysiphales)
  • Rust (Pucciniales)
  • Damping Off (Phytophthora sp.)
  • Club Root (Plasmodiophora brassicae)
  • Anthracnose Fruit Rot (Colletotrichum sp.)
  • Root and Crown Rot (Fusarium sp.)
  • Stem Rot (Sclerotium rolfsii)
  • And many others . . .

How effective is it in the field? Here are some examples:

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