Today on Episode 10 we’re talking about Growing Premium Potatoes with Huma Gro® Products. Our guests include Mr. Lyndon Smith, President and CEO of Bio Huma Netics, Inc.—the maker of Huma Gro®, Fertilgold® Organics, Mesa Verde Humates, and several other product lines—and Mr. Michael Gardner, Senior Director of Turf and Northwest Sales for Bio Huma Netics, Inc. Growing Potatoes is quite a complicated topic, so in this podcast we walk through the typical growth cycle of potatoes and discuss the nutrients that are needed at each stage. We also discuss products that you might need because of common deficiencies or pests and products that you might want to add in order to achieve premium quality for your crop.

Products Discussed:

Micro Carbon Technology®, Breakout®, Calcium, Copper, Fertil Humus®, Fertil Soil®, Golden Pro®, Huma Burst® 6mm(-), Huma Pro® 16, Jackpot®, Promax®, Proud 3®, Pur Cal®, Start-L™, Super Nitro®, Super Phos®, Super Potassium®, Vitol®, X-Tend®, Z-Max®, Zap®

About the Author

Larry Cooper

Director, Sustainability & Knowledge Management, Huma, Inc. Lifelong learner, master gardener, rescuer of greyhounds, grandpa. Once served detention for placing ecology flag on top of his high school.

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