chartA plastic manufacturer in Taiwan needed a new process to efficiently treat elevated incoming chemical oxygen demand (COD) to comply with stringent EPA regulations for effluent discharge. The plant is an activated sludge treatment system with an influent of approximately 2,000 cubic meters per day (CMD) which is equivalent to approximately 530,000 gallons per day (GPD). The plant was unable to bring the plant into compliance using alternative technologies. 

A 60-day test was developed in which liquid probiotics were introduced into the wastewater stream. BIO ENERGIZER®, Bio Feed, and MICATROL® were administered to make nutrients more available to wastewater microorganisms, thereby stimulating natural bio-oxidation processes and enhancing COD reduction. The test involved an initial  dose of 7 ppm for 30 days. After the initial treatment period, the dose was reduced to 3 ppm and watched carefully. Samples were frequently collected at the influent as well as the effluent to test for COD. 

Probiotic Solutions® BIO ENERGIZER®, Bio Feed, and MICATROL® were able to keep the biome and effluent COD stable under normal operating conditions and during times of system overload. The probiotics applied to the plastic manufacturer’s wastewater treatment system not only improved COD reduction, but also reduced odors, improved sludge settleability, decreased the volume of chemicals required to control pH, and improved turbidity.

Probiotic Solutions® BIO ENERGIZER® is a formulation of nutrients, organic acids, natural biological stimulants, and energy systems that balance the natural microbial ecosystem to increase bio-oxidation capacity in lagoon systems. BIO ENERGIZER® is a broad-spectrum bio-activator containing over 30 essential microbial growth-promoting ingredients. 

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