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Have you heard of the federal Community Project Funding? The Massachusetts town of Swansea has secured nearly $1 million in funding through the program for an upcoming sewer collection system upgrade. Swansea is looking to expand growth and draw in more taxpayers and have drawn up and approved plans for a $21 million dollar sewer expansion along Route 6. The Town of Swansea has gotten creative in allocating funding and used funding from the American Rescue Plan Act during the planning stages of the project. It is always a welcome notion when a growing community sees the importance of sewer upgrades to match anticipated expansion. Wastewater is not always at the forefront of the debate and is easily overlooked, but planning for it beforehand can save a lot of money and headaches later on down the road. Has your community used any federal funding for these kinds of projects? The money is there to be used and it never hurts to have a few extra dollars.

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