I am extremely proud to officially unveil our company’s new branding and name. We are now Huma®– a 50-year-old legacy ready to be reintroduced to the world! It is a strategic decision to shorten our name from Bio Huma Netics® (BHN) to Huma® and we are confident that this progressive move is in our company and our customers’ best interests.

The name “Huma” holds great significance for us, it’s a part of who we have always been at the core – a company that deeply believes in the power of humic substances. Along with our new name comes a new logo that simultaneously reflects our simplicity and our strong presence in the humic space. The three colorful circles in our new logo represent the company pillars: orange is for humanity, green for the environment, and blue represents technology. Together they sum up our values and our purpose to continuously serve, preserve and evolve through humic substances. It gives me much joy to see the excitement around the new name and our new look.

I am aware that you may have previously known us as BHN, Huma Gro®, Huma Gro® Turf, Fertilgold® Organics, Mesa Verde Humates® and Probiotic Solutions®. Each of these brands enjoyed a loyal customer base, however, operating multiple brands had restricted our reach by splitting our brand value. We tackled this challenge by following the principle of “unity is strength”, and combined these entities under one name, Huma®. I assure you that this unification will help us provide a more holistic experience for you, our customers and distributors, as you will have access to an improved company structure while we streamline our offerings, accommodate our future growth and strengthen our presence worldwide. A consolidated brand would help us allocate our resources better to continuously improve our products, marketing and technologies. 

Personally, I am a big believer in lean methodology and this rebranding effort reflects exactly that. It narrows down our focus and aims at optimizing the value we provide to our customers. One of my favorite elements in the rebranding is our new tagline “humic solutions with a human touch.” This echoes the commitment we make to everyone who believes in our products. We remain determined to serve you with the best humic-based solutions to help you accomplish your goals.

Rebranding an established, successfully running company is a big move that can only be accomplished with the highest level of skills, resilience, and grit. I am grateful to every member of our team for diligently preparing for months to execute these changes and ensuring a smooth transition for our customers. It truly makes me believe we have some of the best minds working with us. I also want to thank all our customers on behalf of our team for showing immense patience and cooperation during the past few months while we were transitioning to Huma®. Your trust and support inspire us to continuously get better at what we do. I know I speak for the entire executive leadership team when I say that we owe this rebranding to all of you.

Currently we are deep in the process of cementing our new identity as Huma®, our immediate focus will be to continue to align with the regenerative agriculture practices and soil health initiatives. The Huma® Research and Development team is shouldering the responsibility to study the infinite possibilities of humic substances to help provide advanced solutions for plant and soil health. It’s an exciting phase for all of us at Huma®!

I encourage you to keep an eye on our website for the latest company updates, so you don’t miss any of the many exciting things we have lined up for the coming months.


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