The Water Break Podcast, Episode #4: Activated Sludge System Operational Issues

“Where we bridge the gap between water plant operators and engineers”

In this podcast episode, host Heather Jennings, PE, interviews two highly experienced experts regarding operational issues related to activated-sludge wastewater systems:

  • Jim Huchel is the Water Reclamation Plant Manager for the City of Flagstaff, Ariz.
  • Dave Axton is the owner of Water Resources Management, Inc., and he is also a Probiotic Solutions® sales representative

Jim and Dave have over 80 years of combined experience in water plant operations.


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Contact Dave Axton at Water Resources Management (WRM)

WRM operates approximately 50 wastewater treatment plants and public water supplies. It has a full-scale wastewater lab where testing is performed for about 150 treatment plants. WRM also performs sludge profiles on various lagoon treatment systems, and it troubleshoots Industrial as well as domestic wastewater treatment plants. WRM also has a software division that designs and distributes water and wastewater management software for public and private utilities throughout the U.S.

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