Each year a summer camp in Utah becomes inundated with campers. The camp’s wastewater treatment plant goes dormant during the winter months with only occasional flows. The biomass becomes very inactive and in years past became overloaded and upset when the high organic load arrived at the plant at the beginning of the camping season. After battling with the plant year after year to get it to accommodate the high spring load and function correctly, the operator looked for a way to jump-start the system.

After consulting with staff from Probiotic Solutions®, the operator decided to inoculate the system with the broad-spectrum microbial product MicroPlex® JS to quickly seed the plant for the higher loading.

Through use of MicroPlex® JS, the plant quickly acclimatized to the higher load and met the system’s permit requirements. In addition, the operator is very happy with the results of the inoculation with MicroPlex® JS and how the plant continues to function during the camp’s open season. He plans to continue to use MicroPlex® JS at the start of each year.

Click here to download a PDF of the  full case study.

Probiotic Solutions® MicroPlex® JS is a concentrated microbial product that is shipped as a two-part solution that is mixed with water prior to administration. The mix is added into the influent line to inoculate the system and feed on a daily basis for 30 days. Shock doses are added at the commencement of the inoculation period. For more information, go to www.probiotic.com.

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