Huma®’s exclusive processes allow us to offer high-performing fertility products based on organic acid compounds rich in carbon. Our organic acids work in buffering roots against the damaging effects of highly acidic or alkaline soils. With Huma® carbon-rich organic acid products, your crops can maximize the potential of your fertilizer, resulting in better germination, more efficient foliar applications, and strong, vigorous growth.

We offer ten dry, natural humic and fulvic acid products that are mined from the Fruitland Formation of the San Juan Basin in Northwest New Mexico. Processed from naturally occurring, oxidized lignite, these products are milled to specific granular sizes for different agricultural uses and applications. They provide a concentrated source of humic and fulvic acids (70% by weight) and are a supplemental source of trace elements. Humic and fulvic acids add organic matter to soils, which stimulates soil microbial life and soil fertility—resulting in enhanced plant nutrient uptake, improved root mass and growth, and increased crop quality and yield.