Secondary macronutrients and micronutrients known to play many complex roles in plant development and crop yield. In many ways, they hold the key to how well the other nutrients are used. They promote the strong, steady growth of crops that produce higher yields and increase harvest quality—maximizing a plant’s genetic potential. Their presence can have a great impact on root development, fruit setting and grain filling, seed viability, and plant vigor. However, these nutrients are quickly mined out of any soil that is repeatedly farmed, resulting in the need for applying ever-increasing amounts of fertilizers to get the same crop yield.  

Huma® offers a complete line of liquid fertilizer formulations powered by Micro Carbon Technology® (MCT) that allow a grower to foliarly apply these secondary macronutrients and micronutrients at the exact growth stage when they are most needed. The MCT improves the absorption of nutrients by crops; this improved efficiency saves money and reduces waste because less fertilizer is needed to get great results.