The purpose of this research project was to evaluate how Huma® liquid fertilizer products with Micro Carbon Technology® affect cucumber yield when compared with a control program of grower’s standard fertilizer. 

Materials & Methods 

This study was conducted at the Southeast Ag Research facilities in Chula, Ga. The experiment was conducted with four replicates. Each replication consisted of a 30-foot-long plot.  

The Control plot used only an application of the grower’s standard fertilizer program. The Huma® plots also used the grower’s standard fertilizer program; in addition, the 4 Huma® liquid products were applied. The Huma® products included Zap® (soil health and fertility enhancer, applied as a soil drench at transplant), Breakout® and Vitol® (plant growth optimizers, foliarly applied 3 times during the season), and Max Pak® (micronutrients, foliarly applied with the plant growth optimizers 3 times during the growing season). Table 1 describes application details: 

Table 1. Cucumber Fertilizer Treatments, Check and Huma®

Figure 1. Cucumber Fertilizer Treatments, Huma® and Control


The Huma® fertilizer treatment increased cucumber yield by 8 bushels per acre when compared with the Control treatment (Figure 1). The Control yielded 410 bu/acre, while the Huma® treatment yielded 418 bu/acre. 


The Huma® fertilizer treatment increased the yield by 2% (8 bushels per acre) over the Control, with a return on investment (ROI) of 113%. The Huma® program can help cucumber farmers be more profitable while increasing yield. 

Product Summary 

Breakout®— feeds the natural metabolic process within the plant for enhanced bud initiation, flowering, and fruit set.  

Max Pak®—a balanced, highly stable source of many important micronutrients.  

Vitol®—increases plant nutrient uptake and smoothly transitions the plant through its growth stages.  

Zap®—improves soil health by feeding the native microbiome for a strong, vigorous, balanced soil biology.  

All products listed are powered by Micro Carbon Technology®, a proprietary blend of very small organic molecules that allow for more effective absorption of nutrients by plants.