In this study of Huma® organic macronutrient (OM 3-2-4) and micronutrient (OM Micros) liquid products compared with a grower’s standard treatment on organic cantaloupes applied under field conditions in Arizona, the Huma® organic treatments powered by a proprietary Micro Carbon Technology® resulted in a 120% yield increase with a 3-to-1 return on investment (ROI). 


The objective of this study was to evaluate the yield and net gain of cantaloupe crop production using organic fertilizers under field conditions. 

Materials & Methods 

The study was conducted by Helena Agri-Enterprises at The University of Arizona Yuma Agricultural Center, in Yuma, Arizona, which has Holtville clay soil. The trial was conducted as a randomized complete block design with five replications. Each replication consisted of 30 feet long by 80 inches wide beds. Treatments were applied to cantaloupe (Cucumis melo cantaloupensis) cultivar ‘Caribbean gold’ that was planted on August 17 and harvested at two different dates of November 6 and 12. The plants were watered by furrow irrigation method. Table 1 outlines the grower standard and the organic fertilizers from Huma® (OM 3-2-4 and OM Micros). 

Table 1. Treatment Description for Organic Production of Cantaloupe

Figure 1. Cantaloupe Yield, Grower Standard vs. Huma® Organics


Huma® organic fertilizers increased cantaloupe yield from 1 ton/acre to 2.2 ton/acre when compared with the grower’s standard program (Figure 1). This yield result reflects combined November 6 and 9 harvests. The first harvest for the grower‘s standard was at 0.9 ton/acre, while the first harvest for the Huma® organic treatment yielded 1.8 ton/acre. The melon sizes for both treatments at both harvests were 9 and 12. The Brix values did not differ between these two treatments, which averaged at about 10. 


The yield difference was much higher for the Huma® organic treatment, by about 120%. The return on investment was at 3 to 1 (input costs for Huma® organic fertilizers were about 6% higher than the Grower’s Standard).  

Organic cantaloupe growers can rely on Huma® organic fertilizers for a large net gain in production.