Soil Fertility

Huma® sustainable soil fertility products improve the quality of soil by providing the nutrients necessary to increase the activity and diversity of beneficial bacteria and fungi in crop fields. This increased microbial community delivers many benefits to the soil, such as improving soil physical properties and increasing nutrient availability. More importantly, these organisms break down available organic matter into nutrient-rich humus—the key element in highly productive soils. 

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  • Huma Super Potassium: Macronutrient Crop Product

    A 0-0-40 liquid fertilizer for maximum potassium uptake. Ultra-concentrated: 1 gallon is equal to 40 gallons of potassium chloride.

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  • Huma Gro Fumigation Replacement Program for Strawberry Growers

    This case study conducted by Pacific Ag Research in Arroyo Grande, Calif. on Portola Strawberries shows that using Huma Gro biopesticide and fertilizers without additional soil fumigation leads to a much higher strawberry yield. 

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  • Huma Promax: Crop Protection Product

    A soil fungicide and nematicide that eliminates pests and soil-borne disease naturally. OMRI-listed organic pesticide is soil applied to kill soil pathogens and nematodes on contact. Zero residue, no buffer zone, and no re-entry interval.

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