The United States Department of Commerce (USDC) has awarded Bio Huma Netics, Inc. (BHN) an Export Achievement Certificate in recognition of recent accomplishments in the global marketplace. The certificate was presented to BHN CEO Lyndon Smith in Phoenix by Congressman Andy Biggs (Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District).

In presentation remarks, it was stated that, “For the past 8 years, Bio Huma Netics has worked closely with the International Trade Administration, especially here in Phoenix, to identify capable global partners and understand foreign countries’ regulations. Presently, Bio Huma Netics exports its products to over 30 different countries in Latin America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Their global success is proof positive that an Arizona-based manufacturing company can successfully overcome market entry obstacles and achieve noteworthy success in almost any international market.”

BHN CEO Lyndon Smith stated that Bio Huma Netics is very proud of its international sales success and appreciative of this recognition from the United States Department of Commerce. He attributed BHN’s global success to its Huma Gro® line of liquid fertilizers that increase the quality and yield of previously low-producing crops, providing sustainable-agriculture food products while commensurately preserving the environment and the earth’s natural resources.

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Larry Cooper

Director, Sustainability & Knowledge Management, Huma, Inc. Lifelong learner, master gardener, rescuer of greyhounds, grandpa. Once served detention for placing ecology flag on top of his high school.

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