Cory Ritter

Cory Ritter

Mid-West Regional Sales Director

Growing up on a Midwest farm, agriculture has been a big part of me and my life since childhood. Like many farm kids, I started out wandering the fields of soybeans, cutting weeds. Those early days helped me develop a deep-rooted passion for farming that continues to shape my life even today and drives me to share my knowledge with customers and fellow farmers.

Over the years, I remained deeply involved in farming, cultivating my skills and knowledge with each passing season. I firmly believe in hands-on learning—there’s no substitute for getting your boots dirty in the soil. Every moment spent in the field teaches valuable lessons that help me assist my customers and offer them advice and customized Huma solutions to overcome their ag challenges. Sharing my passion and experience with customers and other farmers is what drives me.

As an advocate for soil health and regenerative agriculture, I’ve learned from both successes and failures on my own farm. I enjoy helping farmers improve their soil health, yields, efficiency, and most importantly, ROI—all this while prioritizing sustainability.

In every interaction, whether solving problems or exchanging ideas, I’m committed to supporting the farming community and making a positive impact.