Hiarhi Monda

Dr. Hiarhi Monda

Humic Research Director


  • PhD, Improvement and Management of Agro-Forestry Resources, University of Naples, Italy  
  • MS, Agro-Biotechnology, University of Naples, Italy  

Work History: 

  • Bio Huma Netics (2018) 
  • Visiting Scientist, JKI institute in Braunschweig, Germany (2014) 


I’m from Italy and currently living in Gilbert, Arizona. My research field is focused on the study and application of biostimulants in sustainable agriculture to reduce the impact of agrochemicals and the footprint of mineral fertilization. I’ve been focused on recycled biomasses as a source of convenient organic matter and humic acids to implement agricultural practices and costs (ROI). As a member of the International Humic Substances Society (IHSS) I’ve been recognized for innovative research with a prestigious Italian Chapter Award. The combination of organic matter and plant growth microorganisms has been part of a European project I’ve been involved in by collaborating with international research groups. The structure-activity relationship (SAR) study is my actual research line where the advanced analytical characterization of the final products is an essential step to correlate and understand plant physiological response. My scientific outcomes have been published in peer-review journals and disseminated in national and international conferences related to humic substances, soil biochemistry, biostimulants, and plant physiology. My current projects involve U.S. patent development of new fertilizer products as well as scientific collaborations with the National High Magnetic Field facility (MAG Lab) at Florida State University, the Iowa USDA-ARS department, and the University of Arizona.