Mirella Santos

Dr. Mirella P. Santos

Senior Plant Cell and Molecular Biologist (Visiting Scientist)


  • D.Sc., Plant Genetic Improvement, North Fluminense State University (UENF), Campos, Rio de Janeiro.  
  • M.S., Plant Biology, Espirito Santo Federal University, Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brazil.  

Work History: 

  • Bio Huma Netics, Inc. (2022) 
  • Rio de Janeiro Federal University, Brazil (2015) 

I’m from Brazil and married to Dr. Daniel Zandonadi. I have an extensive research background in plant genomic and plant transformation. At Rio de Janeiro Federal University, Brazil, I was responsible for administrative and technical supervision of scientific and technical staff to evaluate plant stress mitigation by humic and nanocarbon products from private companies through public-private partnerships (UFRJ and companies). I’m a visiting scientist at Huma and love collaborating with fellow scientists on various projects.   


Original Articles 

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Book Chapters  

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