Mojtaba Zaifnejad

Dr. Mojtaba Zaifnejad

Senior Director of Field Research and Technical Services


  • PhD, Agronomy, University of Nebraska 
  • MS, Agronomy, Brigham Young University  
  • BS, Agronomy, Brigham Young University  

Work History: 

  • Bio Huma Netics (2019), 
  • BiOWiSH Technologies (2017), 
  • Ag- Researcher and Corp Consultant (2013), 
  • Milgro (2006) 
  • Ag-Researcher and Corp Consultant (2002) 


After finishing high school, I wanted to make a positive impact in the world, so I opted to major in agriculture. From day one, I had a goal of getting the highest degree in agronomy and with the help of my family and professors, I did it. Over the years, I have learned from many great minds and have taught others how to grow healthy crops and resolve issues in plant nutrition, soil fertility, plant diseases and insect infestations in conventional and organic farming systems. For the last decade, my focus has been on establishing research projects to understand how mineral nutrients and biostimulants affect plants and soil. In collaboration with universities and other independent third parties, studying the efficacy, optimization, calibration, correlation, and comparison of various agricultural products for plant growth in multiple locations and under different conditions in the US and other countries has been part of my duties as the director of field research. Helping the world to feed itself is my top goal. 


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