Fred Nichols 2023

Fred Nichols

Executive Vice President, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Farming is the world’s greatest profession. It’s also my passion. I planted my first corn crop at three years old, using my toy tractors, and putting seeds in the ground in what was my mom’s flower bed (I prefer corn to petunias). Six decades later, I’m still planting crops, on my research farm at Agricenter International. The latest renditions feature Huma products. It was on this research farm that I experienced first-hand how well Huma products perform. That’s what sold me on accepting the CMO position in November 2022. 

I’ve been blessed to work in agriculture my entire career while working for marketing firms, serving a wide variety of brands, from global leaders to start-ups. This has allowed me to travel the globe, working in 24 countries. And during that time, I also operated my family farm in Western Illinois.  

I believe there’s never been a more exciting time to work in agriculture. Nor has there been a better time to work at Huma. As the regen ag and soil health movements continue to grow, so does the momentum for our natural, “humic solutions with a human touch” that grow profit on the farm and meet consumer demands for sustainably produced food and fiber. Providing a brighter tomorrow for the next generation is the goal of every farmer. That’s why I‘m especially proud to serve as education chairman at Agricenter International a Memphis-based non-profit with a 1,000-acre farm research campus where I can help teach and touch the lives of students and adults alike with the industry I love. 

What do I do when I’m not thinking about farming? Let me tell you about my garden.