Justin Smith 2023

Justin Smith

Executive Vice President of Business Development

My journey at Huma began in 2008 when an unexpected opportunity came my way. Fresh out of college with a background in international business, I was offered a chance to move to Mexico to support the distribution of Huma products. I had briefly worked in the company as a teenager, so I had a fair amount of idea about what we do, but I had no in-depth knowledge of agriculture and sales operations at that time. It was during this time that I witnessed the transformative power of Huma products in the fields of Mexico. I realized the immense potential and value our products have in the world of agriculture and environmental remediation.

This successful stint was followed by another offer that gave me an opportunity to expand Huma’s sales efforts in Latin America and eventually throughout the world. Along this path, the company underwent a significant transition—a change in our name. It was a momentous shift, a departure from the established brands of BHN, Huma Gro and Probiotic Solutions. This change was met with challenges, as it required us to let go of brand equity built over many years. Nevertheless, the benefits of the new name—its simplicity and alignment with our core mission—were apparent. The sacrifice required to transition customers and registrations to the new name was worth it, as it signified a fresh start that accurately represented our focus on humic substances and technology. Looking ahead, I’m excited to continue leading Huma’s sales team to new opportunities. The recent rebranding has sparked substantial interest and offers a solid platform for growth. The emphasis on integrity and cultivating mutually beneficial partnerships is central to my commitment to nurturing win-win-win relationships with potential customers worldwide.

Outside of work, I find joy in the company of my wife, our four kids, and our close-knit extended family, right here in the Valley of the Sun. I’m a fan of anything that strengthens my faith and relationships with family and friends including sports, the outdoors and music.