Kaz Yoshihashi

Kaz Yoshihashi

Formulation Chemist


  • BS, Biology, Central Washington University 

Work History: 

  • Bio Huma Netics (2017)  
  • Polymicro Technologies (2016)  
  • Floratech (2012)  
  • New Sunshine LLC (2012) 


Greetings! I’m Kaz, a formulation chemist specializing in fertilizer formulations. I developed my interest in science—biology in particular—during my grade school years in Japan. With a background in biology and a keen interest in sustainable agriculture, I focus on creating effective solutions that optimize plant nutrition while minimizing environmental impact. Beyond my professional role, I enjoy the company of three wonderful dogs who bring joy to my life. Additionally, I find relaxation in taking care of my fish tanks and appreciating the beauty of aquatic life. In my spare time, I pursue DIY projects that allow me to apply my scientific knowledge in practical ways.