Mike Boyd 2023

Mike Boyd

Executive Vice President of Operations (COO)

With a heart deeply rooted in agriculture, I’ve dedicated over three decades of my life to Huma, Inc. I joined the company in 1988 and have worn many hats since then. In many ways, I feel that the company and I have grown together – our journey has been marked by innovation, growth, and a profound commitment to excellence. As the Chief Operating Officer at Huma, it has been a tremendous achievement for me to contribute to expanding and transforming Huma’s production facilities, enabling us to produce approximately 2 million gallons of product annually. Safety, efficiency, and quality have always been at the forefront of my mission, as reflected in the training of over 150 individuals who have worked with me over the years. In the coming years, my foremost ambition is to spearhead the establishment of a cutting-edge infrastructure for a new Huma manufacturing facility. This advanced setup will increase our capacities as well as our capabilities to utilize our shipping and receiving by rail.

Prior to my long-standing commitment to Huma, I owned and operated a janitorial and home improvement company in addition to my full-time day job. During that time, I acquired skills that have helped me beyond just the professional front. Those experiences taught me the importance of surrounding yourself with good people and solid relationships. Outside of my professional responsibilities, I enjoy spending time at my mini ranch with my family, three dogs and three horses. My favorite pastime is trying new recipes on the smoker/grill.