Nathan Smith 2023

Nathan Smith

Asia/Pacific and Africa Sales Director

All my life, I have always been included in agriculture and the business of manufacturing liquid fertilizers since my family was so involved in the agricultural world. As a youth, I had a rare opportunity to attend an agricultural conference in Peru. While there, I had a wonderful conversation with a brother and father who explained the importance of what we do here at Huma. It was fascinating to me to learn how much it meant to each of them to carry on the vision and legacy of my grandfather, Jordan Smith, who happens to be one of the founding fathers of Huma. Not long after that, I served a mission for my church, where I learned Mandarin Chinese. Learning a new language and developing the skills to work with people has helped me become who I am today. It also instilled in me the desire to help make the world a better place. Ever since I started working at Huma, I have had the urge to inspire growth wherever I go in the world. I believe that with our unique Micro Carbon Technology, we are able to inspire growth in every ecosystem including crops, soil, and water. In addition, my greatest desire is to inspire growth within the people I work with and those that I serve around the world.