Ryan Fountain

Ryan Fountain

QC & Analytical Chemist


  • BS, Biochemistry, Arizona State University 

Work History: 

  • Bio Huma Netics (2018) 
  • Legend Technical Services (2011) 


I’m a senior analytical chemist specializing in Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) with extensive expertise in elemental composition and trace metal analysis. My strong background in laboratory techniques and instrumentation plays a big role in solving the challenges that come my way. My analytical experience has focused on environmental water testing and fertilizer elemental analysis. At Huma, my work revolves around ensuring the quality of our fertilizers by analyzing their elemental composition using advanced analytical techniques. It includes extracting soils for known available nutrients and testing plant tissue for nutrient deficiencies. Working for a sustainable fertilizer company is wonderful when you also have a love for gardening and wildlife. I’m an Arizona native with lots of pets including a pug, a cat, and two tortoises!