Steve Lunt 2023

Steve Lunt

Executive Vice President of Finance and Accounting (CFO)

I grew up on a dairy farm in Arizona and have had deep associations with agriculture as my father, grandfather and great grandfather were all farmers. Although I have worked my entire professional life in the finance sector, including a stint at a prestigious Big 4 accounting firm, I fondly recall my formative years nurturing animals and crops on the family farm.

Life brought me full circle to agriculture through my involvement with Huma when I came onboard in 2020. Every day at work, I get opportunities to acquire a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by farmers while witnessing how our products play a pivotal role in helping them overcome these challenges.

In my current role as the Chief Financial Officer at Huma, I oversee all accounting functions, including four subsidiaries spanning the United States, Mexico, and Brazil. Previously, as the Senior Director and Controller at Liquidity Services, I managed finance and accounting for two divisions with a combined sales activity of roughly $350 million. My contributions were integral to securing substantial government contracts, developing financial models, and ensuring a seamless system conversion. During my tenure as the Controller at Eurofresh, I helped play a pivotal role in the company’s recovery from bankruptcy, skillfully managed complex debt negotiations, and initiated several asset financing initiatives.

In my spare time, I love working on various home improvement projects and have set up a small workshop at home to devote time to my hobby. I really love building stuff from scratch, currently I am working on crafting several floating shelves for my living room. When I retire, I wish to own a small farm and work on it as a hobby.