Steve Wamsley - Mid-south Sales Manager

Steve Walmsley

Mid-South Regional Sales Manager

I’m a fifth-generation farmer, born and raised in Southeast Arkansas, working the same piece of land my family has been on for generations. I remember as a kid, I loved playing with toy tractors and spending every moment I could on the farm. Farming has always been in my blood, and there’s no place else I’d rather be.

I support regenerative agriculture and sustainable farming wholeheartedly. To me, it’s all about taking care of the land so it can keep taking care of us. I want to make sure I leave the farm in better shape for my kids and their kids, just like my folks did for me. That’s why I’m committed to practices and products that protect the soil and the land.

I’m happy to be a part of Huma because I believe in their mission of looking after the soil and helping farmers be more sustainable. The company understands the importance of healthy soil and the long-term health of our farms – it’s the right fit for me and my values.

Nowadays, I live over in Louisiana with my beautiful wife and our four adorable kids. We’re raising them with the same love for the land and respect for agriculture that I grew up with. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing my kids playing on the same farm I grew up on and knowing we’re doing our part to protect it for the future.