Encapsalt® (T&O)

Benefits of Use:

  • Buffers salts in highly alkaline or sodium-rich soils
  • Helps to improve the soil environment for aerobic biological growth
  • Stimulates biomass development in all soil types
  • Aerates soils and flocculates clays
  • Increases water penetration in soils
  • Increases nutrient availability for easier plant uptake
  • Encourages root mass growth and depth penetration

Treats the Following Problems: 

  • Anaerobic soil conditions
  • Low soil organic matter
  • Poor water penetration
  • Salt damage or toxicity to plants
  • Inhibited root growth, small root mass


The Solution for Buffering Salt and Building a Living Soil 

Huma® Encapsalt® combines nutrients and surfactants in a Micro Carbon Technology® base that help diminish salt stress in the root zone. Encapsalt® is also used to break free the Na ion, allowing irrigations to move salts down into the soil profile. It aids with water penetration and resolves crusty, hard soils.

Product Characteristics

Guaranteed Analysis: 5-0-0

Derived From: Urea

Also contains beneficial substances: 

9.0% Organic Matter (derived from humic substances) 

Physical Properties: 

Form: Liquid 

Appearance: Hazy light brown, having a characteristic odor. 

Weight: 9.18 lb/gal, 1.10 kg/L 

pH: 6.0–7.0 

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