Enhance the potential of your VT corn by adding a no-burn nitrogen source to your planned fungicide application. This addition comes at no extra application cost and provides a 4:1 return on investment (ROI), helping you maximize both crop yield and profitability.

During the late season, an extra boost of  nitrogen can increase corn yield. As much as corn needs nitrogen to grow and thrive, there’s always a risk of crop burn. Hence, it becomes crucial to opt for a nitrogen source that fulfills the plant’s nutritional requirements without causing burns – our carbon-based liquid Super Nitro® does just that.

Why Choose Super Nitro® for Your VT Corn?

At the VT stage, when your corn plants begin to tassel, nitrogen uptake shifts from the roots to stored nitrogen within the plant. During this critical phase, the plant uses 35% of its total nitrogen needs. Providing the right nutrients is essential, but it must be done with caution to avoid leaf burn – that’s when your crop needs Super Nitro®!

Super Nitro® is a game changer when it comes to maximizing your late-season corn yield. This carbon-based liquid nitrogen can safely be mixed with your planned fungicide application to foliar feed corn without the risk of crop burn. It is specially designed to generate a quick response by entering the plant through its leaves, delivering essential nutrients for optimal plant health and growth.


Powered by Micro Carbon Technology®:

One of the top reasons why Super Nitro® leads the game is our proprietary Micro Carbon Technology® (MCT). This advanced technology offers low use rates and rapid absorption into the plant within just 1 hour, making Super Nitro® a perfect choice for mid- to late-season, rain-fast nitrogen supplementation. With MCT your corn gets what it needs, exactly when it needs it!

Benefits of Super Nitro®:

  • Excellent ROI: Super Nitro® delivers a 4:1 ROI – one gallon can net an additional $36.16 per acre* – making it a profitable investment for your farm operation.
  • Compatibility: Super Nitro® is safe to mix with fungicides and other crop inputs due to its stable pH level**. 
  • Unique Foliar Application: Unlike traditional nitrogen sources, Super Nitro® is formulated to efficiently deliver nitrogen through the leaves without the burn. 
  • High Nitrogen Content: One gallon of Super Nitro® contains the equivalent of 10 pounds of nitrogen for essential nutrient boosts during critical growth phases.
  • Reduced Nitrogen Loss: Super Nitro®’s exceptional stability minimizes volatilization and ensures more nitrogen remains available for crop needs.


Ease of Application: Due to its clean formulation, Super Nitro® can be applied in multiple ways including aerial application, boom, or with a pivot sprinkler. 

Rate of Application: Super Nitro® provides the equivalent of 10 pounds of nitrogen per gallon, making it 2-3 times more effective than conventional nitrogen sources available on the market. This allows low application rates, ensuring optimal results while minimizing product usage.

No-Burn N application table

Note: Always read and follow label directions.

*ROI Assumption: 1 gallon of Super Nitro® is the equivalent of 10 pounds of N; 1 pound of N will provide 1 bushel per acre of yield; 10 bushels of corn per acre x $4.66 per bushel (spring FCI price) = $46.66 in gross revenue; Super Nitro® price 10.50/gal (MSRP); Farmer earns $36.16 per acre

**Huma recommends a jar test.