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I was born and raised in the heart of potato country in SE Idaho, but my family were not farmers. It’s a funny world that I am now far away from that ag community but am now working in the Ag Industry.

Probiotic Solutions® Sponsors Wastewater Microbiology & Process Control 2-Day Course

Probiotic Solutions® is sponsoring a Wastewater Microbiology course with microbiologist & certified operator Dr. Toni Glymph-Martin in Arizona on April 11-12, 2023. The 2-day in-person course will cover various key topics related to wastewater microbiology including, but not limited to, microscopy, filamentous bacteria, etc. Attendees will also get a chance to participate in various hands-on

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For decades the conventional thinking has been that applications of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers help enhance soil carbon levels by stimulating soil microbes to feed on organic matter from crop residues. New research indicates that, in fact, the opposite may be true.A group of scientists at University of Illinois says that research from the Morrow Plots,

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Joel Reid: Humates for Increased Phosphorus Availability

Humic substances in the soil are well known for increasing availability of plant-necessary nutrients (Pettit, 2012). Of the multitude of these nutrients, phosphorus is of paramount importance in many aspects of the growth phases and fruit/grain production of the food crops we raise worldwide. In many cases, phosphorus is an element that is rather immobile

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