Huma® sustainable soil fertility products improve the quality of soil by providing the nutrients necessary to increase the activity and diversity of beneficial bacteria and fungi in crop fields. This increased microbial community delivers many benefits to the soil, such as improving soil physical properties and increasing nutrient availability. More importantly, these organisms break down available organic matter into nutrient-rich humus—the key element in highly productive soils.

Other product benefits include the capacity to buffer extremes of pH, EC, and salt in the soil to make nutrients available under conditions in which they would not normally be available or would be reduced.

Benefits of Investing in Your Soils

By improving soil structure, Huma® increases moisture retention and aeration, bringing more effective distribution of water, oxygen, and nutrients directly to the plants’ root zones. Improved root mass development promotes better seedling emergence and faster starts. Extensive root growth, particularly in the early stages of plant development, helps increase plant tolerance to adverse environmental conditions, even during periods of extreme heat or drought.