In this video, Heather Jennings, PE, Director of Probiotic Solutions®, provides an introduction to 8 essential products for wastewater bioremediation.

Stimulating the growth and development of the correct microbial populations for processing wastewater contaminants has been our core business for over 45 years. In that time, we’ve developed a suite of 40 bioremediation products that are unsurpassed in the industry. The following 8 products are highlighted in the video:

  • Bio Energizer®—a balanced formulation of vitamins, trace nutrients, enzymes, organic acids, and biostimulants that motivate the existing microbial community to greater metabolic capacity and efficiency. Bio Energizer® is neither a bacterium nor an inoculum. It excels at stimulating microbes to reduce organic lagoon sludge, which reduces or eliminates costly mechanical removal expenses. It also works well in activated sludge systems for removing heavier wastes (FOG, petrochemicals, food processing wastes, and industrial/commercial wastes with heavy BOD/COD concentrations).
  • Bio Genesis®—a formulation of nutrients, organic acids, and biological stimulants that balance the natural microbial ecosystem to increase bio-oxidation capacity in activated sludge systems. Bio Genesis® reduces operating costs by lowering BOD/COD and improving settleability while controlling filamentous bacteria and reducing FOG. Bio Genesis® enhances endogenous respiration for faster and more complete oxidation of sludge into carbon dioxide and water.
  • Liquid Carbon Products
    • Carbon-CH™ (formerly CarbonX™ 201)— an activated liquid, nonhazardous, carbon product derived from a highly oxidized, naturally occurring carbohydrate source. For wastewater treatment systems lacking sufficient inlet BOD source or carbon for denitrification, Carbon-CH™ stimulates and maintains microbial growth.
    • Carbon-G™ (formerly CarbonX™ 203)— an activated liquid nonhazardous carbon product derived from a glycerin source. For wastewater treatment systems lacking sufficient inlet BOD source or carbon for denitrification, Carbon-G™ stimulates and maintains microbial growth in industrial settings.
  • Supplemental Microbials
    • Microplex® JS—(for “jump start”) formulated with facultative and aerobic bacteria that will quickly increase biomass.
    • Microplex® NC— nitrifying bacteria in a liquid base that are ready to go with no dissolving required.
    • Microplex® FL—for fibrous lagoons.
    • Microplex® DN—for denitrification

If you have any questions regarding these or any of our 32 other Probiotic Solutions® water and soil remediation products, visit our products page at or send us an email at

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