This video demonstrates how to mix liquid humic acids, such as Huma Pro® 16, with liquid fertilizers without creating precipitation that can gum up spray or irrigation equipment.

Humic acids are known to improve root mass and growth, enhance nutrient availability and uptake, and result in higher crop yield and quality. They are often applied to unplanted agricultural fields as solid granules in the fall or early spring, where they slowly break down over time to improve the soil.

Sometimes, though, a grower may need to give his or her soil a humic boost after the plants are already growing. This is when a liquid humic acid, such as our Huma Pro® 16, can really be of benefit.

Typically, a grower will mix the liquid humic acid with irrigation water, and in most cases, the liquid humic acid will mix well and not clog up the machinery. If the irrigation water is known to have unusual properties, such as low pH or very high mineral content, it’s a good idea to jar-test a sample before application.

Things get more complicated, though, when mixing liquid humic acids with other agrochemicals for combined application. One of the definitions that scientists use to define humic acids is that they are only soluble under alkaline conditions. This causes a problem when growers want to mix a liquid humic acid with other agrochemicals that are lower in pH than about 8 or 8.5. As we show in this video, mixing liquid humic acids with common liquid fertilizers such as UAN 32 can cause the liquid humic acid to precipitate into little (and sometimes not so little) globules that can gum up irrigation equipment. Huma Pro® 16 is definitely a powerful humic acid.

There is a solution to this problem. The chemical interaction that causes the humic acid to precipitate in an acidic mix can be prevented by creating a humic-acid premix before adding it to the other agrochemicals. We show you how in the video.

Huma Pro® 16 Sample Label

Huma Pro® 16 Product Technical Bulletin

Research Report: Huma Pro® Stimulates Rhizophagy Cycle of Microbes to Increase Root Growth, Rutgers Univ.

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