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In this video, we demonstrate the unique compatibility of our highly concentrated Super Phos® 0-50-0 product when mixed with calcium. In traditional fertilizers, when phosphorus and calcium are mixed they can precipitate and fall out of solution. The resulting calcium phosphate can clog drip emitters and damage sprayers.

Our Super Phos® product made with Micro Carbon Technology® will remain in solution.

Super Phos® with Micro Carbon Technology® aids in phosphorus uptake in high pH or calcareous soils and can be tank-mixed to improve availability of other phosphorus solutions. It resists “tie-up” with calcium or aluminum to remain water soluble and available to plant roots.

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Larry Cooper

Director, Sustainability & Knowledge Management, Huma, Inc. Lifelong learner, master gardener, rescuer of greyhounds, grandpa. Once served detention for placing ecology flag on top of his high school.

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