Super Phos (HE)

Benefits of Use:

  • Helps to meet BOD:P ratio of 100:1
  • Improved phosphate bioavailability and uptake. Super Phos® is many times more bioavailable than regular phosphorous compounds because Micro Carbon Technology® molecules protect it from tying up with other ions in water. 
  • Stimulation of biological activity for enhanced COD/BOD removal.
  • Enhanced biological species diversity for better settleability.
  • Improved natural floc formation.
  • Improved SVI and SV30 for better, cleaner decant.
  • Decreased phosphate levels in the effluent stream. Because Super Phos® is more bioavailable less phosphorus is applied, resulting in lower discharges. Typically, one-fourth to one-tenth the amount of Super Phos® is used when compared with common-grade phosphoric acid nutrients. 
  • Reduced material costs, easier handling, and improved treatment performance.

Problem Conditions Improved: 

  • Formation of insoluble phosphorous precipitates
  • Foaming caused by filamentous bacteria
  • Excess sludge production
  • Excess phosphorus levels in effluent
  • Settleability concerns
  • Tankage/Storage concerns


The Solution for Maximum Phosphate Availability in Water 

Huma® Super Phos®, complexed with Micro Carbon Technology®, is a liquid phosphate nutrient that is added into wastewater treatment systems to feed phosphorus-deficient microorganisms. 

Product Characteristics 

Available Phosphate (P2O5) …………….50.00% 

(Measured as Phosphate [PO4]……….65.00% 

Derived From: 

Phosphoric Acid, Monoammonium Phosphate. 

Also contains beneficial substances: 

0.01% Organic Matter (derived from humic substances) 

Physical Properties: 

Form: Liquid 

Appearance: Clear, light greenish amber color, having a slight characteristic odor. 

Weight: 12.68 lb/gal, 1.52 kg/L 

pH: ≤ 1.0 

Freezing Point: < -30°F/-34.5°C) 

Additional Contents: 

Micro Carbon Technology® 

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