MicroPlex® LM

Benefits of Use:

  • MicroPlex® LM should be mixed with water and then sprayed over or sprinkled directly into the manure pit with mixing, or poured directly into the flow of water entering the lagoon.  
  • To break up a crust on a pit, use Crust Removal Application amount once per week, two weeks prior to pumping, and agitate the pit after each application. 


Deodorizer/Liquefier Bioformula for Animal Wastes (Dry) 

Huma® MicroPlex® LM is a synergistic blend of preselected, adapted microorganisms for liquefying and deodorizing animal droppings. MicroPlex® LM contains enzymes and additional synergistic ingredients for improving the quality and utility of reusable animal waste residues (manure)—enhancing its fertilizer value. 

Accumulated animal droppings tend to solidify and decompose in storage pits and lagoons, making transport and reuse more expensive and time consuming. MicroPlex® LM is formulated to liquefy and deodorize animal droppings, simplifying their use and improving their effectiveness. Animal droppings are an important potential source of nitrogen for plant growth. However, many of the nitrogen-bearing compounds in manure are volatile and odor-causing agents when manure is pumped. MicroPlex® LM is formulated to help retain the nitrogen in the manure and, thereby, enhance its fertilizer value. 

Product Characteristics 

Derived From: Non-pathogenic, preselected, adapted microorganisms, surfactants, buffers, and enzymes. 

Physical Properties: 

Appearance: Tan 

Form: Granular Powder 

Nominal Microbe Count: Formulated to contain > 3 x 109/gram 

Shelf Life: 2 years when properly stored 

Packaging: 25 lb (11.3 kg) plastic drums / 220 lb (100 kg) fiber drums 

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