It has long been known that adding nitrogen to the corn plant is one of the best investments in farming operations. Today many operations are side dressing the corn plant with a liquid source of UAN to enhance plant growth. However, to truly maximize return on investment (ROI) during these applications, adding Huma® X-Tend® can be a smart move!

Why X-Tend®?

X-Tend® is a carbon-rich biostimulant designed to improve fertilizer efficiency and uptake by 15% or more, while also releasing nutrients trapped in the soil profile. Derived from a family of organic acids, X-Tend® is powered by our proprietary Micro Carbon Technology® (MCT) and provides an efficient pathway for nitrogen to enter corn plants to initiate rapid growth.


  • Enhanced Fertilizer Efficiency: By incorporating X-Tend® into your liquid fertilizer applications, you can make the most out of every drop of your liquid fertilizer. It ensures that nutrients are readily available to plants, leading to faster and healthier growth.
  • Stabilized Nitrogen: It acts as a stabilizer for nitrogen, ensuring that this vital nutrient remains accessible to your crops throughout the growth cycle.
  • Improved Soil Health: A recent study showed a 34% increase in soil health scores just 5 days after applying X-Tend®.
  • Easy Tank Mixing: At a rate of 1 quart per 40 gallons of liquid fertilizer, X-Tend® allows for easy tank mixing.

Micro Carbon Technology®

Huma®’s proprietary Micro Carbon Technology® (MCT) is developed through an extraction process of a naturally occurring humic material called lignite. It involves extremely small carbon molecules that are readily available for plant consumption. This miniscule form ensures easy uptake, allowing our products to enter the plant system through the most efficient delivery mechanism available in the industry.

MCT accelerates product efficiency by facilitating the crossing of cellular walls in plants and microorganisms, boosting their development and growth rates. It also produces a higher surface area and cation exchange capacity within the plants.

X-Tend® represents the purest form of MCT, delivering exceptional crop and soil health benefits!

X Tend


  • Complexes nutrients for easier plant uptake
  • Encourages root growth
  • Buffers salts in high alkaline or sodium soils

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