Bio Huma Netics, Inc. (BHN) hosted its annual staff meeting on December 14-15, 2022, at its headquarters in Gilbert, Arizona. BHN staff from New Mexico, Mexico, and Brazil also flew in to attend the two-day event.

The company planned the all-staff gathering to recognize employees’ contributions and to celebrate significant milestones achieved in 2022—including the acquisition of an additional 40,000-square-foot building in Tempe, AZ, to facilitate further expansion and growth.

“It’s been a fantastic year for BHN in many regards, a celebration was definitely in the cards. We enjoyed getting together to celebrate our wins, and we greatly missed those who could not be here. The idea was to acknowledge the continuous efforts that our employees put in to keep us moving onward and upward,” said Melanie Parkinson, VP of HR and Administration.

Day 1

Day one kickstarted with plant tours and the welcoming of non-native staff members. During the informal meet and greet session, employees from various places, some of whom were visiting Arizona for the first time, toured the office facility and got a chance to interact with their peers in person.

A special staff dinner, “Roy’s BBQ,” was arranged at the BHN office building. It was exclusively prepared by a staff member from New Mexico, Roy Johnson, who began prepping the meal for over a hundred people at 3:00 AM and spent most of the day ensuring the meat was cooked perfectly.

The BHN Awards Ceremony was organized later in the evening to applaud the top performers for their exceptional contributions during the year.

Day 2

On second and the last day, BHN executive team shared their insights on the overall company performance and discussed critical developments and decisions with staff members. The leaders also addressed the strategic goals for the coming year for their individual teams/departments. Those who could not join in person were in attendance via Zoom.

“We are completing one of the most successful years in the history of our company, so a celebration is definitely in order,” said Fred Nichols, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), BHN. “We will capitalize on this tremendous growth and momentum by launching several exciting initiatives in 2023.”

Later in the afternoon, the BHN team headed out to play yard games at Houston ball fields in Gilbert and wrapped up the two-day event with some more fun and team spirit!

List of Award Winners:

25+ Years Employee
• Don Carpenter (AZ)

5+ Years Employees
• Alfonso Castro (MX)
• Carla Anoni (BR)
• Gustavo Padilla (MX)
• John Laine (AZ)
• Kaz Yoshihashi (AZ)
• Pablita Pino (NM)
• Paulo Schiavon (BR)

Employee of the Year
• Mike Boyd – Executive Team (AZ)
• Karen Avans – Finance & Accounting (AZ)
• Spencer McKee – HR & Administration (AZ)
• Larry Cooper – Marketing (AZ)
• Zak Wakefield – Operations (AZ)
• Josh Warren – Operations (NM)
• Mike Otley – Research & Development (AZ)
• Luis Aguiar – Sales (MX)

MVP (Most Values Player)
• Justin Smith – Executive Team (AZ)
• Carlos Pino – Finance & Accounting
• Justin Wakefield – HR & Administration (AZ)
• Susan Labrum – Marketing (AZ)
• Georgina Hernandez – Accounting (MX)
• Steven Carpenter – Operations (AZ)
• Elton Tosa – Operations (NM)
• Jason Gralian – Research & Development (AZ)
• Davin Smith – Sales (AZ)

• Roy Johnson – 1989 to 2022 (NM)
• Pablita Pino – 2017 to 2022 (NM)

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