Super Nitro® (HE)

Benefits of Use:

  • Helps meet recommended BOD:N ratio of 100:5-10:1
  • Provides quick, efficient nutrient release of nitrogen that is immediately bioavailable. 
  • Can be mixed with other nutrients for ease of application.

Benefits of Use In Soil: 

  • Resists nitrogen leaching and volatilization.
  • Moves with irrigation water to aid in proper placement.
  • Should be used when soil analysis identifies the need for and proper rate of application for this product. 


For Improving Nitrogen Availability In Wastewater and Soil 

Huma® Super Nitro® is a Micro Carbon Technology® complexed, highly stable source of nitrogen for both wastewater and soil remediation. In wastewater, heterotrophic bacteria require nitrogen to assist in metabolizing biological oxygen demand (BOD). In soil remediation, Super Nitro® assists in increasing the number of bacteria, thereby improving soil physical condition and nutrient content. Super Nitro® also increases the rate of hydrocarbon biodegradation. 

Product Characteristics 

Total Nitrogen (N)………………………………….30.00% 

10.25% Ammoniacal Nitrogen 

9.50% Nitrate Nitrogen 

10.25% Urea Nitrogen 

Derived From: 

Urea and Ammonium Nitrate. 

Also contains beneficial substances: 

11.0% Organic Matter (derieved from humic substances) 

Physical Properties: 

Form: Liquid 

Appearance: Clear to slightly hazy light 

brown, having a slight characteristic odor. 

Weight: 10.85 lb/gal, 1.30 kg/L 

pH: 7.0–8.5 

Additional Contents: 

Micro Carbon Technology® 

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