MicroPlex® FOG

Benefits of Use:

  • Formulated with grease and fat degraders.
  • Breaks down paper residues, greases, fats, proteins, and lipids.
  • Prevents system malfunctions that could result in major capital and operating expenses. 


Grease and Fat Bioformula for Wastewater Treatment Plants and Sewer Systems (Dry) 

Huma® MicroPlex® FOG is a synergistic blend of preselected microorganisms for use in sewer systems, lift stations, and biological wastewater treatment plants receiving municipal and food processing waste and for use in aerobic and anaerobic sludge digesters. MicroPlex® FOG contains a combination of aerobic and facultative microorganisms selected from nature for their ability to break down a broad range of substances encountered in domestic waste and sludges. 

Product Characteristics 

Active Ingredients > 5 x 109/gram of preselected, adapted  microorganisms 

Physical Properties: 

Appearance: Beige 

Form: Fine Powder 

Packaging: 25 lb (11.3 Kg) pails; 220 lb (100 Kg) fiber drums; 1 lb packets 

Shelf Life: 2 years 

Freezing Point: 32°F 

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