MicroPlex® HC

Benefits of Use:

  • Biodegrades a wide range of hydrocarbons
  • Reduces remediation time and required manpower


For Hydrocarbon Environmental Decontamination (Liquid) 

Huma® MicroPlex® HC is a highly concentrated blend of natural bacteria specifically chosen for their ability to metabolize petroleum hydrocarbons and treat environmental contamination. This product degrades a wide range of hydrocarbon compounds, including crude oil, gasoline, diesel and jet fuels, motor oil, lubricating oil, heating oil, and paraffin. MicroPlex® HC effectively degrades BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene) contamination and other aromatic compounds, such as phenol, found in industrial wastes. It is effective in bioremediating contaminated soils. 

Product Characteristics 

Derived From: Preselected, naturally occurring bacteria. 

Physical Properties: 

Appearance: Slightly tan with a slight organic odor 

Form: Liquid 

Packaging: 50 mL vial 

pH: 3.0–4.0 

Freezing Point: 32°F 

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