StableSol® Powder (HE)

Benefits of Use:

  • Uniform 95% soluble powder promotes even coverage/distribution of humic/fulvic acid for sustainable carbon benefit 
  • Short-term soil organic-matter building
  • Increases nutrient mineralization
  • Sustainable soil microbial activation


The Humic and Fulvic Acid Solution for Soil Fertility 

Huma® StableSol® Powder is a water soluble powder produced using a proprietary extraction, modification, and spray dry process. This process yields a high humic/fulvic acid product that, when added to water or other nutrient solutions, has a low solution viscosity. This product can be blended and pumped easily and will not plug nozzles or gel during storage. Huma® StableSol® Powder has excellent stability under both high and low soil pH conditions. It is highly effective for complexing metal ions and for preparing micronutrient solutions at various pH ranges (0.5–14.0). As both an alkaline and acid soluble potassium humate, this product is truly unique. It completely dissolves and will not precipitate when added to other nutrient solutions. 

Derived from: Humic substances 

Physical Properties: 

Form: Powder 

Appearance: Brown powder having a mild characteristic odor. 

Product Density: 36.5 lb/ft3 

Net Weight: 55 lb / 25 kg 

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