Benefits of Use:

  • Provides a carbon source for denitrification processes
  • Effective carbon food source (COD/BOD) for systems with high inflow and infiltration (I&I) issues  
  • Supports enhanced biological phosphorous removal (EBPR)
  • Effectively replaces toxic or hazardous carbon sources
  • Most rapid microbial acclimation on the market
  • Most consistent carbon concentrations on the market
  • Lowest carbon degradation on the market

Benefits of Use In Soil: 

  • Acts as a soil conditioner and improves soil structure
  • Acts as a carbon source and stimulant for microbial colonies
  • Affects physical and chemical properties to improve soil fertility by providing a storage system for carbon, water, and minerals 


Huma® Carbon-CH™ complexed with Micro Carbon Technology® is an activated liquid, nonhazardous, carbon product derived from a highly oxidized, naturally occurring carbohydrate source. For wastewater treatment systems lacking sufficient inlet BOD source or carbon for denitrification, Carbon-CH™ stimulates and maintains microbial growth. 

Product Characteristics 

Derived From: 

Carbohydrate source. 

Also contains beneficial substances. 

45.74% Organic Matter (derieved from humic substances) 

Physical Properties: 

Form: Liquid 

Appearance: Hazy brown, having a unique odor. 

Weight: 10.85 lb/gal, 1.30 kg/L 

pH: 4.0–5.0 

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