MicroPlex® OD

Benefits of Use:

  • Absorbs and degrades petroleum products on water surface
  • Effective on crude petroleum, gasoline, diesel fuel, machining oils, hydraulic solvents, monomers and other petroleum derivatives 
  • Contains only biodegradable components


Oil Absorber/Degrader (Dry) 

Huma® MicroPlex® OD is a fine powder of preselected absorbents and naturally occurring microbial strains that is formulated for use on spillage of petroleum products and related wastes. MicroPlex® OD can absorb and break down a broad range of hydrocarbon-containing wastes (from crude oil, gasoline, diesel, machine oils, solvents, and other derivatives) generated from various industries—including refining, petrochemical, transportation, textile, and steel-making. 

Product Characteristics 

Derived From: Preselected absorbents and naturally occurring microorganisms. 

Physical Properties: 

Appearance: Brown 

Form: Fine powder 

pH: 4–8 (if 6% slurry) 

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